Case Study

Bank Street School for Children

The Bank Street School for Children is an independent, coeducational preschool to 8th grade private school. Located in New York City, the inquiry-based curriculum at Bank Street empowers students to learn by doing, while developing essential, lifelong skills in critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity.


Campaign Goals

Meet the financial challenges caused by COVID-19
Raise revenue for vital educational programs
Help children reach their full potential

Activities used:

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After COVID-19 hit in 2020, Bank Street’s fundraising committee teamed up with RallyUp to plan, advertise, and host the school’s first virtual raffle. Successfully raising more than $33,000 through RallyUp’s fundraising platform, the 2020 and 2021 Bank Street Fall Fair Raffle reached more donors than ever before.

Considerations &

In an increasingly specialized and competitive world, an in-depth education is crucial for every child. To meet this demand, Bank Street’s local community gathers each year to celebrate and promote learning with in-person fundraising events designed to boost revenue for important school programs.

With schools all over the globe closing their doors post-2020, the faculty and staff at the Bank Street school were determined to continue to provide the children in their care with meaningful learning opportunities. To make a big fundraising impact, the school opted to use RallyUp’s powerful fundraising platform to run their first-ever virtual Bank Street Fall Fair Raffle in 2020.

The digital solution proved to be spot-on, engaging new donors and eliminating paper waste. That’s why Bank Street turned to RallyUp again in 2021, raising even more revenue than they had in 2020 to help support professional development for teachers, host special programs, and support students’ families in challenging times.

The Results

RallyUp helped the Bank Street School for Children raise awareness of its fall raffle, expand its donor base, and increase its earnings. Now that the school didn’t have to rely exclusively on physical flyers and tickets to reach supporters, more donors than ever got involved in winning exciting prizes while contributing much-needed funds.

One of the best things about fundraising through RallyUp is the chance to go paperless. In previous years, the staff at the Bank Street school had to create and print paper raffle tickets, and then print, manually bind, and physically distribute booklets to their constituency. This time-consuming process was both economically and environmentally unfriendly, and the staff at Bank Street were delighted to run the entire raffle without wasting paper or resources!

Bank Street is always on the lookout for opportunities to streamline their fall raffle and elevate donor communication. With RallyUp, the school enjoyed a varied toolkit of choices for engaging supporters, tracking donations, effectively displaying prizes, and quickly drawing winners.

Total raised


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Increased Donor Participation
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Environmental and Financial Win
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Improved Flexibility

In their words

I’ve never been hindered by RallyUp or had to sacrifice anything while building our fundraiser. It’s flexible and evolved enough to accommodate our various needs.”
Steven Silverstein

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