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Create your raffle on the most flexible platform available
Sell online and preprinted tickets for any raffle
Let the system draw the winners or draw them yourself
Allow multiple prizes, each in multiple quantities
Choose to have tickets for specific prizes or for any prize
Sell tickets together in packs with discounted pricing
Each ticket pack purchase can include a special gift
Allow ticket purchasers to print their tickets online
Track ticket sales by your teams and members
Thank you for your assistance in our raffle fundraising effort. We exceeded our goal and that is always good.
Dan Houser
Science for Kids, LLC

Raffles FAQ

Are raffles legal?

It depends. At a national level, only qualified 501(c) organizations can run a raffle. But each state also has its own set of regulations that govern raffles. You’ll want to consult your legal counsel to see if your organization can run a raffle.

Can I sell preprinted tickets as well as online tickets?

Yes, you can sell tickets both physically and online. You’ll enter the tickets sold in person into the system so that they are included in the drawing.

Can I draw the winners myself?

Yes, you can print a list of all purchasers and draw them however you like.

Can I use PayPal to process raffle ticket sales?

PayPal requires preapproval before accepting payment for the purchase of raffle tickets. You can see details on their Acceptable Use Policy page.

Can I offer packs of tickets at different prices?

Yes, you can sell tickets in packs. For instance, you could sell one ticket for $5, a pack of 5 for $20, and a pack of 10 for $35.

Does RallyUp provide preprinted tickets for us to sell in person?

We can help you obtain custom printed tickets, or you can purchase them yourself. You’ll just need to enter the preprinted ticket numbering range into the system.

Are fees charged for physical tickets entered into the system?

If you want the preprinted tickets combined with the online tickets for the drawing, then a fee will apply to the preprinted tickets you enter.
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