A campaign you can’t pass up

Take the hassle out of fundraising sales with a quick and simple platform
Sell unlimited items with customized text and images
Specify variants for each item like size,
color and style
Take pre-orders and manage the quantity of each item
Offer flexible pricing to fit the needs of any item
Export a list of every order to keep track of purchases
Run your entire sale campaign from one platform
We had a wonderful experience using RallyUp for our school sale campaign.
Garrett Turner
Kennedy Art Institute

Sales FAQ

What kind of items can I sell?

You can sell any kind of items, as long as they are legal to be sold online. If you find yourself wondering if an item is legal or not, then it probably isn’t.

Can supporters make donations without a purchase?

Yes, supporters can make a contribution even if they don’t want to buy an item.

Do you include shipping costs?

You can add a fee to each contribution to cover the cost of shipping, but the fee will be the same for all purchases.

Can I track inventory?

Yes, you can keep an inventory of all items and their specific variants, such as color or size. You can track all order information, including shipping addresses and any custom field you add. Import a list of items to initialize your campaign, and export the data to a spreadsheet for use with other systems.
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