Simple pricing. No hidden fees.

Pick the best pricing each time you set up a campaign
  • 5%
    Best for smaller donation sizes
    A 5% fee is applied to each contribution received
  • Most Popular
    + $1 paid by donor per donation
    Split the fee with your donors
    • A 3% fee is applied to each contribution received

    • A $1 service fee is paid by each donor
  • 0%
    Pass on all fees to donors
    Choose any pricing plan and have donors pay the fees
Every feature is available with all plans

Payment Processing

  • Accept credit cards and checks
  • Use your own Stripe account
  • Easily set up a Stripe account
  • Processing fees vary per processor

Pricing FAQ

How do I choose a pricing plan?

You can select a pricing plan each time you set up a fundraiser. The default plan is 3% + $1, but you can easily customize it to best fit each fundraiser.

What if I don't want my donors to pay any of the fees?

Your organization can choose to pay all of the fees with any of the pricing plans. This ensures your donors only pay their contribution amount.

Is there an upfront cost or monthly fee to run a campaign?

No. A small service fee is deducted from each donation when it is processed. There are no other fees for using the RallyUp platform.

What can I expect to pay for credit card fees?

501(c) organizations can expect to pay around 2.2% + $0.30 per transaction to Stripe. Other types of organizations will pay 2.9% + $0.30. You can contact Stripe to apply for nonprofit pricing.

When can I withdraw the funds that are raised?

Funds are normally transferred to your bank account within one to four days. Check with Stripe regarding the specific timing for your account.

How are check contributions processed?

When a supporter makes a contribution and indicates that they will pay by check, the system will send them an email with instructions for sending or delivering the check. When you receive the payment, you’ll enter it into the system to complete the transaction.

Are there fees on check contributions?

If a supporter makes a donation on your campaign page and indicates that they want to pay by check, standard fees will apply. If a donor simply gives you a check but doesn’t use the website, you can enter that check into the system and no fee will apply.

How are check fees processed?

If check payments are made on your campaign page, RallyUp will invoice you for the fees on a monthly basis. Of course, credit card fees never apply to check contributions.

Do you offer special pricing for high-volume campaigns?

Yes. Please give us a call at 520.314.8800 to discuss your campaign.