Four simple steps to running your Fundraiser on RallyUp

Have a full-featured online fundraiser running in 15 minutes!

Create a unique fundraising page that engages supporters through pictures, video and text!
Reach more supporters through integration with email, Facebook and other social media!
Raise more money in less time with less effort by putting your fundraiser online using RallyUp!
Make it easy for supporters to contribute by accepting credit cards, PayPal or cash and checks!
Take the hassle out of fundraising by managing everything online through a simple dashboard!
Raise more money in less time with less effort by putting your fundraiser online using RallyUp!

Raise funds for any purpose

Be as creative as you want!

How it Works

  • Choose the type of fundraiser you want to run:

    • Pledge-based walk-a-thons, spelling bees, etc.

    • Fundraising events with tickets and/or registration

    • Online silent auctions with eBay-type bidding.

    • The sale of any items or services.

    • Coupons that can be printed online.

    • Funding campaigns with or without thank-you gifts.

    • Ongoing fundraisers with recurring contributions.

    • Team competitions with prizes and rewards.

  • Create a great-looking page to describe your cause.

  • Add features from a large list of options.

  • Set up a "home" page for your organization (optional).

  • Set up a custom page link (e.g.

  • Spread your message with email, Facebook and Twitter integration.

  • Allow supporters to "Like" your campaign on social media with one click.

  • Track the source of your contributions with referral codes.

  • Offer online payment methods: credit card, PayPal and eCheck.

  • Allow cash and check contributions to be received and tracked.

  • Enable automated recurring contributions for long-term projects.

  • 501(c) organizations can accept tax-deductible donations.

  • Send automated receipts with customizable thank-you messages.

  • Let supporters make anonymous contributions for privacy.

  • Give supporters online access to their contribution history.

  • Track and manage all of your fundraisers from one dashboard.

  • Add additional administrators to your fundraiser as needed.

  • Post blog-like updates to keep your supporters engaged.

  • Track online and cash/check payments for complete accounting.

  • Automatically collect and calculate contributions for walk-a-thons, etc.

  • Click to view and export data for all contributions received.

  • Automatically determine team winners and send email notifications.

  • Quickly create and maintain a Frequently Asked Questions section.

  • Send campaign funds received to your bank account at any time.


Use RallyUp absolutely free for cash and check contributions!

4.9% of funds raised + $0.30 per contribution
Plus credit card or PayPal transaction fees


Online fundraisers are shown to raise an average of 32% more money than traditional fundraisers!

  • No upfront cost or commitment to start a fundraiser
  • Fees do not apply for cash or check contributions
  • The "Amount Raised" on your page includes costs

Start a fundraiser on RallyUp today!