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Easily add an online presence to any fundraising activity.

  • Reach twice the number of supporters
  • Raise an average of 32% more money
  • Cut fundraising time and effort in half
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Use RallyUp to Bring Your Next Fundraiser Online

  • Extend your existing fundraising efforts
  • Put fresh twists on previous fundraisers
  • Create exciting new types of fundraisers
  • Simplify your fundraising administration

Want Some Help With Your Fundraising?

Let Our Friendly Services Staff Lend a Hand!

  • Idea Suggestions
  • Fundraiser Setup
  • Expert Copywriting
  • Sponsor Acquisition
  • Promotion and PR
  • Social Media Posting
  • Website Integration
  • Consulting Services
Let us help with as much or as little as you want! Exceptional service at nominal cost. See available services

Support for Every Type of Organization

  • Charities
    Equip your charity with a powerful, easy way to extend your fundraising to the web. RallyUp supports any type of organization, with or without a 501(c) designation. Share your mission and vision in exciting new ways that engage your supporters.
    • Extend any fundraiser to the web
    • Combine on and offline campaigns
    • Integrate with your existing systems
    • Match the look of your existing site
    • Cut fundraising admin time in half
  • Schools
    RallyUp gives your school or PTO/PTA everything it needs to run successful fundraisers that raise more money with less effort. Easily manage any kind of fundraising for projects, classrooms, sports, class trips or any other school need.
    • Boost any type of fundraising event
    • Create per-lap, per-word fundraisers
    • Create team fundraising competitions
    • Offer tiered prizes for participation
    • Cut fundraising admin time in half
  • Churches
    Provide the groups and ministries in your church an easy way to run and manage all of their fundraising activities. Extend your fundraising reach outside of your membership. Share your mission in exciting new ways that create excitement!
    • Bring any church fundraiser online
    • Support large, ongoing projects
    • Easily manage recurring donations
    • Accept credit, PayPal, checks or cash
    • Cut fundraising admin time in half
  • Sports
    Make fundraising for your sports team or league a whole lot easier. Extend your fundraisers to the web to reach more supporters. Get everyone on the same page with one centralized place to organize and manage your fundraising.
    • Enhance any sports fundraising activity
    • Organize your fundraising in one place
    • Create unique fundraising competitions
    • Make collection and accounting easy
    • Cut fundraising admin time in half
  • Service
    People like to support humanitarian projects that they feel a part of. Immerse people in your cause with images, video and real time progress updates. Reach a wider audience more quickly to get support for your project.
    • Easily promote your project online
    • Express your cause in creative ways
    • Accept credit, PayPal, checks, cash
    • Provide updates on all social media
    • Organize your efforts in one place
  • Creative
    Creative projects should be able to fundraise creatively. No other platform provides more flexibility to express your cause in your own unique way. Provide any type of gift or reward to your supporters for their contributions.
    • Create unique, creative fundraisers
    • Express yourself using multimedia
    • Handle preorders, sales and auctions
    • Use built-in social media promotion
    • Accept credit, PayPal, checks, cash
  • Politics
    Inject new life into political fundraising events. Create robust fundraising pages that express your cause effectively. Keep supporters engaged with a real-time multi-media activity feed. Handle all accounting for 501(c) organizations.
    • Support any political fundraising event
    • Offer online ticketing and registration
    • Use custom fields to collect user data
    • Accept credit, PayPal, checks or cash
    • Meet 501(c) regulatory requirements
  • Personal
    Create a personal fundraising appeal for any purpose. Express your needs in a way that engages people to contribute to your cause. Make it easy to contribute online or off. Keep supporters updated with real-time status updates.
    • Run any kind of personal fundraiser
    • Create beautiful multimedia pages
    • Accept credit, PayPal, checks or cash
    • Display a Pinterest-like activity feed
    • Receive the funds whenever you like
RallyUp offers a wide range of features that handle fundraising for any type of organization, group or personal use. Click a tab to see an overview. View our Features page for a complete listing of everything that RallyUp provides.
  • Bring any existing fundraisers online
  • Extend your reach to new supporters
  • Accept credit, PayPal, checks or cash
  • Organize your fundraising in one place
  • Cut fundraising admin time in half
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