Going once, going twice, sold!

Silent auctions can significantly increase the total funds raised at your event
Run hybrid online/in-person auctions
Set minimum bid amounts and increments
Offer multiple quantities of any item
Supporters can have the system bid on their behalf
Bidders receive automatic notifications when outbid
Immediately charge winning bidders when auctions close
My church had a wonderful experience using RallyUp for our auction campaign.
John Sullivan
St. Lucia Church

Auctions FAQ

Are there limitations to what types of items can be auctioned?

There are no limitations on what items can be auctioned as long as they are legal. Unfortunately, this means that by law we can’t allow you to auction off your in-laws or next door neighbor. Sorry!

How does the system bid on supporters’ behalf?

A supporter can enter a hidden maximum amount that they are willing to bid up to. The system will bid the lowest amount possible to keep them in the running until their maximum bid is reached.

Why are supporters required to give their credit card information when placing a bid?

Supporters’ credit cards will not be charged until the auction is over, and then only the highest bidder will be charged.

Will you notify supporters if they get outbid?

Yes. When a supporter is outbid they will receive an email notifying them that they have been outbid. They will be provided with a link in the email to increase their bid if they wish to do so.
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