RallyUp 2.7: The Big Reveal of Our New & Improved Campaign Pages

Plus an even more streamlined donation process for donors, and additional customization options for organizers Campaign Page 3.0 You’ll love the They have a new streamlined layout and improved interactive design to emphasize clarity. Also, we made sure the most important information can be found right up top. We know you’re pretty social, so we added

2 min read

Why fundraising with CSR is a smart move for your company

Usually, when we think about fundraising, our first thought doesn’t go to fundraising with CSR (corporate social responsibility), but more often to nonprofits, charities, and the like. But CSR initiatives are the best way to include for-profit organizations in the fundraising community. While many for-profits may like the idea of fundraising, they may have no idea how to get

4 min read

To Get to Know Your Donors, Get On Twitter

Want to get to know your donors? Many nonprofits and charities think of this as a time-intensive process. Creating surveys, emailing surveys, calling donors, studying online behaviors- it can really add up over time. But there’s a much easier way to tap into the mind of a donor without the marketing equivalent of brain surgery. There’s information already out there, you

4 min read

RallyUp 2.1.0: Recurring Pledge Campaigns and More!

We’ve been working hard these last few weeks on RallyUp 2.1.0. This is a big release that contains some of your highest requested features, and we’re happy to share those with you today: Recurring Pledge Campaigns We know the drill. You run your organization’s annual

8 min read

You Need to Know Why Donors Love Online Fundraisers

We all want to know the magic key to getting donors hooked on fundraising. As it turns out, the way to a donor’s heart is really very simple. Make your fundraising flexible. Online fundraisers provide the flexibility to connect with donors on their own turf. And donors will be more likely to support your cause when you meet them where they are. Flexibility and convenience

5 min read

3 Smart Ways to Inspire Holiday Donations

We all enjoy the giving spirit of the holiday season. Why not encourage your supporters to celebrate this season with holiday donations? Here are a few unique ways to share this idea with your donors to make their shopping lists a little more manageable- and philanthropic! 1. Promote your online store Everybody loves swag. Starting a sales campaign can be a great way to

4 min read

To Make Online Giving Easy, Avoid These 5 Mistakes 

Hooray! Someone has just made the heartwarming decision to give you a donation. Now the challenge is to keep that person on your page for the duration of the donation process. Antagonize them with inane steps and pointless questions, and you’ll see your once inspired donors on a galloping retreat from your campaign page. Instead, you want to make the process of giving a

7 min read

Why Charity Sweepstakes Are the Fresh Way to Fundraise

Everyone in nonprofit and charity fundraising is constantly looking for ways to attract donors. Between great options like raffles, events, and crowdfunding, it can sometimes be difficult to determine which fundraiser would work best for your organization. If you’re looking for something creative and cutting-edge, then an online charity sweepstakes might be the perfect fit.

5 min read

Giving Tuesday Thoughts From Our Founder

Another Giving Tuesday is upon us, along with the flurry of promotion that happens as nonprofits compete for donation dollars. I speak with a lot of nonprofits every week. Almost unanimously, they devote significant focus and resources into this day to boost their giving. That makes sense. Giving Tuesday gets national attention, and it provides an opportunity for nonprofits to

3 min read

Most Get It Wrong. We Get Nonprofit Crowdfunding Right.

We’ve all seen those fundraisers before. Another “crowdfunding” page in our Facebook feed.  Asking for money, promoting a cause, but not doing much else. Why aren’t we calling this what it really is? At best there’s a cause, a goal and a few nice pictures, but it’s no more than a dolled-up donation page. We at RallyUp think there’s a much better way to do

7 min read

How Auctions Offer What Your Donation Page Is Missing

In this day and age, it’s easy for us all to get distracted. For something to really hold our attention it’s got to give us a reason to stay focused. That’s why donation pages just aren’t the magical solution to fundraising that they’re sometimes made out to be. Donation pages give the donor little gratification, investment, or memory of the experience. For something

7 min read

How to Make Your Giving Tuesday Event Campaign a Hit

With Giving Tuesday just around the corner, it’s the time to be thinking about what your plans are for the big day. If you want to really get your donors involved, hosting an event campaign might be perfect for you. Here’s how to make your Giving Tuesday campaign a hit: Make it Easy  This one should be obvious, but sometimes we get so wrapped up in making our

6 min read

Pledge to Make Giving Tuesday Matter This Year

With only 2 weeks left to go before Giving Tuesday hits full swing, we’re sure you’re considering your campaign options quickly. If you haven’t thought about it already, pledges can make for very creative campaign collaborations between you and your donors. Here’s how to make it happen: Step 1: Find your idea Think about the best ways to get your donors excited about

5 min read

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