You asked, we delivered. RallyUp is better than EVER!

Color Run Pledge

Our team has been hard at work making our all-in-one fundraising platform easier, faster, and just plain better than any other fundraising site. Check out what we’ve been up to.

A complete revamp of every awesome feature

Nothing out there compares to the new RallyUp. We’ve rebuilt every single piece of our online fundraising platform from the ground up for a simple fundraising experience like no other!

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A Giving Tuesday game-changer: run your fundraising campaign for free!

Run your Giving Tuesday Campaign for free on

You’re planning to run a Giving Tuesday campaign… so why not do it for free?

With $2.6 billion in donations processed since 2016, the online fundraising movement presents a huge opportunity for nonprofits, schools, and other charitable groups! Want a piece of that fundraising potential on #GivingTuesday without dishing out funds to cover a bunch of fundraising fees? You got it! RallyUp just launched a free crowdfunding option that covers everything you’ll find on standard crowdfunding sites… but without the costs.

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7 Amazing Tips to Ask for Donations via Email

Fundraising is the most important financial source for thousands of non-profit groups worldwide. People and organizations recognize the value of this model and increase donations each year. In 2016, total giving to charitable organizations increased up to $390 billion.

There are many ways to organize a fundraising campaign or to give donations but it seems that the Internet is taking over the supremacy in that regard. Using social networks and email campaigns, non-profit organizations are able to accumulate significant funds. In this article, we will explain how to ask for donations via email.

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How to Make Your Fundraising Pitch Memorable

You’ve probably heard of Invisible Children – one of the most successful fundraising campaigns ever. In four years, the team behind this cause helped source more than $30 million in the U.S. foreign assistance budget. The program aims to support life-saving programs across central Africa.

Why was this fundraiser so successful? There’s a strong community behind it, and that’s probably the most important factor for success. Let’s focus on another important aspect: the story. This campaign has been going on for years. Those millions of dollars are the result of a continuous process of creative and powerful pitching. It’s storytelling at its best.

Race for Life is another seriously successful fundraising campaign we can take as an example. Over the past 20 years, the charity has raised over $705 millions to fund cancer research. The cause is powerful itself, but the way it’s told makes us aware we’re all part of this battle.

Storytelling is one of the best ways to make your fundraising pitch memorable. It doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to raise funds for a business, cause, trip, or anything else – you gotta tell that story!

Now, let’s see: how can you make the perfect fundraising pitch? How do you convince people your cause is worth investing in? We’ll give you few tips to follow.
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5 Deal Breaking Mistakes to Avoid In a Fundraising Letter

Fundraising letters are an incredibly important part of business life. Whether you’re trying to drum up enough investors to get started, running a non-profit that consistently needs more money, or trying to support a local cause, there are often reasons to head out and ask other people for money. Understandably, very few people are actively looking to give their money away, and so you’ll need to be persuasive, and avoid the following common pitfalls when writing your fundraising letter.

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RallyUp 2.7: The Big Reveal of Our New & Improved Campaign Pages

Plus an even more streamlined donation process for donors, and additional customization options for organizers

Campaign Page 3.0

What’s new?

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School Fundraising Goes Social

Guest Post by Clay Boggess from Big Fundraising Ideas

It’s true that school fundraising programs are often at the mercy of geographic boundaries created by the intersection of school zoning and competing neighborhoods. However, professional marketers and social media gurus alike will tell you that the boundaries of space and time are virtually nonexistent on the World Wide Web—especially when you’re on a platform as widely used as Facebook or Instagram, where millions of users are spending nearly an hour a day.

This year, you can take your school fundraising program to new levels with these tips to engage your friends, family and social circles in your school’s mission to raise needed funds for educational and extracurricular programs.

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RallyUp 2.5: Join The Movement

We’re back with our first big release of 2017! RallyUp 2.5 is our biggest release since the 2.0 redesign in Summer of 2016, and with it we’re adding a lot of really awesome new features and enhancements:

Movements: A New Campaign Type

With RallyUp 2.5 we’re introducing RallyUp Movements, a brand new campaign type that gives you creative new ways to fundraise. Movements are first started by one organization with an overall goal or cause in mind (i.e. Hurricane Matthew Relief or Breast Cancer Awareness). This concept isn’t new, but here’s where RallyUp Movements get interesting:

Once you’ve started the initial Movement, you then get to “Rally” your supporters to start their own fundraising campaigns that will be linked to your Movement. The more people that join your Movement by creating new campaigns, the faster your Movement grows.

But where will the funds raised on these Linked Campaigns go? We’re glad you asked. You can choose to either have all Linked Campaigns benefit a single organization of your choosing, or give the power to the people and allow them to choose which organization they want to help out. All funds raised on any of these Linked Campaigns will simply roll up into the overall progress, growing your Movement with each new campaign created for it.

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Why fundraising with CSR is a smart move for your company

Usually, when we think about fundraising, our first thought doesn’t go to fundraising with CSR (corporate social responsibility), but more often to nonprofits, charities, and the like. But CSR initiatives are the best way to include for-profit organizations in the fundraising community. While many for-profits may like the idea of fundraising, they may have no idea how to get started or to implement it well, and many don’t go about it strategically. That’s where CSR comes in. A strategic CSR initiative will not only increase public affection for your company, but also provide returns in employee satisfaction, community improvement, and customer loyalty. If you’re considering dipping your company’s toe in the world of fundraising and social responsibility, here are a few things you need to know:

What is fundraising with CSR- and what is not

There are a few different forms of corporate fundraising that often get lumped into the same category of “CSR”: Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Responsibility, and Corporate Philanthropy. However, the latter two are not truly fundraising with CSR, but variations of corporate fundraising. Learning the distinctions between each is important before setting any internal corporate fundraising goals or developing long-term strategies.

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To Get to Know Your Donors, Get On Twitter

Want to get to know your donors? Many nonprofits and charities think of this as a time-intensive process. Creating surveys, emailing surveys, calling donors, studying online behaviors- it can really add up over time. But there’s a much easier way to tap into the mind of a donor without the marketing equivalent of brain surgery. There’s information already out there, you just need to know where to look. And where to look is Twitter.

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