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Easily manage and promote your event, register attendees,
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Sell and print tickets online
Build a customized registration form
Offer different ticket types and prices
Provide early-registration discounts
Manage every aspect of event fundraising
Accept donations after the event ends
The responsiveness of the team there is a huge, huge part of why we keep coming back. Thanks for helping make our event campaign a success!
Jonathan Assink
Shoreline Christian School

Events FAQ

Can I have people register without printing a ticket?

Yes, supporters can register for an event without having to print tickets.

What types of information can I request from supporters who are purchasing tickets?

We’ll always collect first and last name from your supporters, but you can also choose to collect additional information including physical address, email, phone or even create your own fields.

Can I print a list of everyone who is attending?

Yes, you can print a list of all your attendees, including the information you collected on the registration form.

Can supporters make a donation instead of or in addition to buying tickets?

Yes, supporters can make either a fixed donation in lieu of or in addition to buying tickets.
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