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Township of Tiny

The Township of Tiny is a scenic haven for beaches, fishing, hiking, and golfing in the Southern Bay region of Ontario, Canada. With a permanent population of 11,787 and a total area of 344 square kilometers, the small municipality has a big heart when it comes to supporting the charity organizations in the North Simcoe community.

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Campaign Goals

Raise $50,000 for local charities
Transition to online fundraising
Reach new donors

Activities used:

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The Township of Tiny is dedicated to the charities serving underprivileged folks in its tight-knit community, and the annual golf tournament fundraiser has been pivotal to their efforts. It supports a broad range of special projects and services–whether it’s providing local homeless people with essentials or expanding literacy rates across the region.

In its 7th year, the fundraiser had a goal of raising $50k to benefit 17 charities, reaching a broader donor base.

Considerations &

The pandemic raised the stakes for the fundraiser, so the Township decided to run a virtual silent auction in addition to other efforts. Since only golfers had teed up to bid in the past, there was a strong motivation to engage a more diverse group of supporters. The community needed a reliable, easily navigable digital solution to raise the cash to support services that matter most in uncertain times.

The Results

In 2020, relying on the RallyUp fundraising platform for the first time, the Township of Tiny hosted the Mayor’s Charity Golf Tournament and raised more than $29k for two charities.

Leveraging their previous year’s experience using RallyUp, the Township organized another golf tournament in September 2021 and ran a silent auction entirely online. Despite the pandemic, the event exceeded the goal of $54,000 and benefited 17 charities across the community.

Since the auction was virtual, golfers and other contributors were free to bid even after the tournament ended, vastly boosting the fundraiser’s reach. With 70% returning and 30% new donors, the event generated significant support for local organizations like Angels with Backpacks, which provides the local homeless population with packs filled with essential items.

Using RallyUp’s intuitive, user-friendly fundraising tools, the Township of Tiny was able to achieve an impressive 82% increase in funds raised year over year–in turn delivering critical support to the community.

Raised in 2020


Raised in 2021


Total raised


Increase in funds raised year over year


In their words

Before, it was not a streamlined process. It was good to centralize everything in one platform and even deep dive when needed. It definitely contributed to our success.”
Jaelen J.

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