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Case Study

Sycamore Elementary School

Sycamore Elementary School is located in Arizona and works hard to ensure that each of their students has the tools and support they need to achieve academically both in the classroom and in the community. As a publicly funded elementary school, they must fundraise to close the gap between state provided funds and the needs of their students and school community.


Campaign Goals

Raise $15,000 per year
Encourage student achievement
Gain donor support

Activities used:

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To ensure that classrooms have the supplies they need, that teachers are able to participate in professional development and that individual students are not left without basic supplies, the Sycamore Elementary School Parent Teacher association must raise $15,000 per year. In addition to raising these funds, they wanted to encourage student achievement and gain donor support.

Considerations &

The PTA is made up of volunteers who have a number of outside commitments, making administrative and planning tasks difficult. Likewise, the annual read-a-thon of past years had been described by parents as confusing and both donating and collecting pledge funds had been logistically hard

The Results

Sycamore Elementary School’s PTA launched their first RallyUp math-a-thon in October 2017, with the event itself concluding on November 13th 2017, a month later. Over 250 students participated in the event, sometimes raising as much as $500 per student. With 28 classes registered, several raised over $1,000 during the campaign. Roughly 699 donations were collected, with a total of $18,426 raised.

This money went directly into creating a new Google Chrome lab for the school, improving the kid’s access to technology and education during their class time.

The second RallyUp math-a-thon fundraiser kicked off in October 2018, and ran until November 7th, 2018, a month later. Over 225 students participated in the math-a-thon, some raising over $1,000 yet again. That year, 26 classes registered, and one class raised over $2,500! Some 377 donations were made, a total of $16,125 raised.

The funds raised were applied to the creation of a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) garden, water stations, library improvements and teacher grants.

Overall, during the 2-year period, Sycamore Elementary School’s PTA used the RallyUp platform to successfully raise $34,551.00 in pledges with their math-a-thons. Both campaigns were successful, and allowed the school to make the upgrades and changes it needed for the kids.

Raised in 2017


Raised in 2018


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