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Case Study

Make-A-Wish Southern Florida

Make-A-Wish Southern Florida was founded in 1983 by the Plantation Junior Woman’s Club with the mission to create life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses. Each wish they grant provides a child with a much-needed respite from their medical struggles and creates memories of joy that will comfort them in tough time ahead.

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Campaign Goals

Raise more funds than the previous years
Increase donor reach across the United States
Simplify fundraising event management

Activities used:


Make-A-Wish Southern Florida is committed to its goal of providing wishes to children struggling with critical illness. In order to do so, they must fundraise throughout the year. As they began their fundraiser planning journey, they had three primary campaign goals: raise more money, increase donor reach and simplify event management.

In previous years, their signature event had raised $30,000, and their goal was to exceed this amount. They also wanted to take their reach beyond Southern Florida and capture donors from across the United States. While they were committed to raising more money and reaching more donors, they also needed to be able to do so in a way that was efficient and effective, and that reduced the overwhelming administrative tasks associated with running a fundraiser.

Make-A-Wish Southern Florida decided to partner with a local fitness brand, Anatomy Fitness, and utilize the RallyUp platform to host a nationwide pushup-a-thon.

Considerations &

Make-A-Wish Southern Florida was excited about their upcoming fundraising event: they were also anxious to see how much they could raise. With just a two-month lead-up to the event, limited staffing, and a tight budget, they would need to work smart to ensure a successful campaign.

The Results

In 2017, using the RallyUp platform, Make-A-Wish Southern Florida hosted a nationwide Pushup-A-Thon and raised $95,000. The next year, capitalizing on what they’d learned about utilizing RallyUp’s text-to-give feature and sharable participant pages, they raised even more.

In 2018 the now-annual Make-A-Wish Southern Florida Pushup-A-Thon had over 100 sponsored participants and 20 teams from across the United States. Collectively, they raised a total of $138,844, ensuring 27 unique wishes were granted to critically ill children in their community.

Raised in 2017


Raised in 2018


Total raised


In their words

We are SO excited to continue breaking fundraising records using RallyUp!”
Stephanie B.

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