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Easily handle multiple campaigns under one umbrella for large projects
Create one project that rolls up multiple campaigns
Break large campaigns down into manageable efforts
Track individual and overall campaign progress
Set overall or per-period goals in one place
Running our project campaign online has made my life so much easier than having to manually count checks.
Demi Selinski
Water Around the World

Projects FAQ

What is a project campaign used for?

Projects are a great way to divide large fundraising efforts into a number of smaller campaigns that can be easily managed. Roll up each sub-campaign into one overall goal for the project.

Can people make donations directly to a project campaign?

Yes, supporters can make donations directly to your overall project campaign or to any of its sub-campaigns.

How many campaigns can I run in one project?

There is no limit to how many campaigns you can have in one project.

Is there a time limit to a project?

No. Project campaign can stay open for as long as you like. Of course you won’t want to close your project before the campaigns in it are completed.
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