Make everyone part of the effort

Automate every aspect of your pledge campaign by putting it online
Define your own units of measure for any type of activity
Create multiple activities within the same campaign
Let members set their own goals or set goals for them
Create suggested donation amounts for each unit
Allow supporters to set a maximum donation amount
Integrate with Strava for automatic distance tracking
Thanks for all your support in making this pledge campaign a reality for us.
Perry White
Children’s Hospital of Alabama

Pledge FAQ

How are activity results (e.g. miles run) entered into the system?

Results can be entered in three ways. Members can input their results manually, they can import their results from the Strava app, or the organizer can input results for members.

When are donations processed?

When the campaign ends and the system calculates the total units completed for each member, the system will charge the credit card of each supporter that made a pledge.

How do donors specify a maximum contribution amount?

When making a pledge, supporters can enter a per-unit amount and the maximum total amount that they want to contribute.

Can members set their own goals if they’re part of a team?

Member and team goals can be set individually. The organizer can also set the same goal for all of the members on a team.
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