RallyUp is arguably the leading platform for running creative charity fundraisers that successfully attract new donors to nonprofit organizations. The system puts unique capabilities into specialized campaign types like sweepstakes, challenges, a-thons, raffles and others. Our customers include some of the largest (and smallest) nonprofits in the world.

Through the years we’ve tried all the typical pricing types you’ve seen on basic platforms; monthly fee, percentage, and others. Nothing seemed to be a perfect fit though, until we recently did a limited test of a no-fee option. The test went well; our customers were happy, the donors were happy, and we covered our costs. So, we introduced the no-fee pricing option to all RallyUp users.

Since no-fee pricing is unique for a platform like ours, we felt it was important to explain what it is and why we did it. We want to be as transparent as possible about our pricing, just as we are about all the other aspects of our company.

What exactly is no-fee pricing?

Using no-fee pricing, an organization receiving funds from a campaign on RallyUp will not pay any fee for the use of our platform. Instead, donors will be able to optionally leave a tip to help pay the operating costs. Donors can choose the amount of their tip, or simply choose not to tip at all.

So, does the organization pay any fee to RallyUp? No. Even if the total amount of tips on a campaign is small, there’s no fee. Organizations will still incur a small fee from the credit card processor to process payments; that’s something we don’t control. But there’s no fee for the use of our platform.

Tips work slightly differently for raffle and sweepstakes campaigns. Donors who buy tickets or entries can choose to receive a limited number of additional entries into the drawing in exchange for leaving a tip. These “bonus” entries don’t cost the organization anything, and they are entirely optional for the donor.

Do organizations have to use no-fee pricing?

No. If an organization doesn’t want donors to tip, that’s no problem. Our traditional pricing is still available. For instance, some corporate charity efforts are funded by the corporation, so tips aren’t appropriate. And tips don’t work well for raffles that must limit the number of tickets sold. But for most campaigns, no-fee pricing is a great option.

In the limited time that we’ve been offering no-fee pricing, we’ve had inquiries asking what the “catch” is. There really isn’t one; it’s very straightforward. You can see full details of our pricing on our Pricing Page. On that page we’ve tried to answer all the frequently asked questions we get about our pricing, including the no-fee option.

Why we added no-fee pricing

The idea behind no-fee pricing is to allow donors to help offset fundraising costs so that an organization can have more funds to use for their programs. We’ve found that donors generally didn’t mind pitching in to help the organizations they support keep more of the funds raised.

Yes, there’s risk for us since tipping is optional. But we’ve found that although some donors are willing to help and some are not, on average we cover our operating costs. Of course, we also believe that free fundraising will help attract more organizations to RallyUp. And that growth will help further our company and mission.


To all the organizations already running their fundraisers on RallyUp, thank you! We deeply appreciate the support and warm comments you give us every day. And to those who would like to give us a try, we look forward to helping you further the causes you love.

Steve Bernat